Keim Gerald I: Reaction products of epihalohydrin and polymers of diallylamine and their use in paper. Hercules Incorporated, November 13, 1973: US3772076 (343 worldwide citation)

Water-soluble, alkaline curing resins which are the reaction products of an epihalohydrin and a polymer of a diallylamine are disclosed. The resins are particularly useful as wet strength agents for paper and additionally give superior dry strength to paper.

Keim Gerald I: Resines insolubles a leau, Wet strength resins. Hercules Incorporated, FETHERSTONHAUGH & CO, August 25, 1987: CA1226091

WET STRENGTH RESINS Abstract of the DisclosureDisclosed are novel wet strength resins for paper. Theresins are produced by reacting an epihalohydrin, such asepichlorohydrin, with an aminopolyamide-polyureylene inter-mediate derived by reacting methylbisaminopropylamine withoxalic acid or a diester o ...