Bob Ware
Arthur W Chester, Ke Liu, Robert A Ware: Catalytic production of light olefins from naphtha feed. Exxonmobil Chemical Company, December 20, 2001: US20010053868-A1

A C4+naphtha hydrocarbon feed is converted to light olefins and aromatics, by contacting the feed with a catalyst containing ZSM-5 and/or ZSM-11, a substantially inert matrix material such as silica and/or clay, having less than about 20 wt % active matrix material based on total catalyst compositio ...

Gregg Anthony Deluga, Vladimir Zamansky, Ke Liu, Tiffany Elizabeth Pinard Westendorf: Integrated system and method for producing fuel composition from biomass. General Electric Company, Francis T Coppa, February 15, 2011: US07888540 (67 worldwide citation)

A method of producing a fuel composition from a bio-oil feedstock is provided, wherein the bio-oil feedstock is subjected to a step of oil extraction to produce a bio-oil and deoiled residue. At least a portion of the deoiled residue is gasified to produce a hydrogen-containing gas. The bio-oil is s ...

Wayne G Wnuck, Ke Liu: CPO regenerated lean NOx trap with no moving parts. HydrogenSource, M P Williams, October 18, 2005: US06955042 (28 worldwide citation)

A single lean NOx trap (8) has an inlet manifold (10) with baffles (18–20) to divide the inlet manifold into three flow paths (11–13). Each flow path has a thermal reformer (24–26; CPO, (POX, or ATR) with an electric heater provided electric power by related lines (29–31). Fuel from a source (50) is ...

Edwin Yue Bun Pun, Ke Liu: Method for fabricating buried ion-exchanged waveguides using field-assisted annealing. City University of Hong Kong, Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti P C, November 20, 2012: US08312743 (18 worldwide citation)

A method for forming buried ion-exchanged waveguides involves a two-step process. In a first step a waveguide is formed at the surface of a substrate using an ion-exchange technique. After formation of the waveguide, a field-assisted annealing is carried out to move the waveguide away from the surfa ...

John G Buglass, Francis A Kocum, Ke Liu, Ronald J Schoonebeek, Antonio M Vincitore: Reducing oxides of nitrogen using hydrogen generated from engine fuel and exhaust. UTC Fuel Cells, M P Williams, May 24, 2005: US06895746 (15 worldwide citation)

Either (a) the exhaust (20) of an engine (9) and/or (b) inlet air (11) is sent to a hydrogen generator (22) along with diesel fuel (18) to produce hydrogen and carbon monoxide (26) for either (c) mixing with the mainstream of exhaust fed to a catalytic converter (28) or (d) regenerating a pair of NO ...

Nazeer A Bhore, Arthur W Chester, Ke Liu, Hye Kyung Cho Timken: Method for reducing gasoline sulfur in fluid catalytic cracking. Mobil Oil Corporation, W R Grace & Co Conn, Charles A Cross, W R Grace & Co Conn, October 21, 2003: US06635169 (15 worldwide citation)

The sulfur content of liquid cracking products, especially the cracked gasoline, of a catalytic cracking process is reduced by the use of a catalyst having a product sulfur reduction component containing a metal component in an oxidation state greater than zero, wherein the average oxidation state o ...

Ke Liu, Gregg Anthony Deluga, Vladmir M Zamansky, Vitali Victor Lissianski, Parag Prakash Kulkarni: Method and systems for removing mercury from combustion exhaust gas. General Electric Company, Armstrong Teasdale, August 3, 2010: US07767174 (12 worldwide citation)

A method for facilitating reducing mercury in a fluid stream using a catalytic bed assembly including at least a first catalytic bed. The method includes receiving a flow of fluid including mercury at the catalytic bed assembly; injecting a flow of a compound including ammonia and a first mercury ox ...

Ke Liu, Wayne G Wnuck, Willem P Leenhouts: Intermittent application of syngas to NOx trap and/or diesel engine. HydrogenSource, M P Williams, November 15, 2005: US06964156 (9 worldwide citation)

A catalytic partial oxidizer (30) provides syngas (hydrogen and carbon monoxide) to an apparatus intermittently using syngas such as valves (34) feeding NOx traps (35), for brief periods of time. During turndown times when syngas is not being used, either the output of the CPO is diverted (33) to th ...

Ke Liu, Scott Kirkpatrick, John Makaran: Method and system for determining electronic commutation in brushless DC machines irrespective of the placement of rotor position sensors. Siemens VDO Automotive, February 1, 2005: US06850022 (8 worldwide citation)

A method and system for determining the commutation position in a DC machine using a single-bit rotor sensor and the back EMF signal from a stator winding by calculating a delay value, which is equal to the time elapsed between detection of the position signal and the back EMF signal, and establishi ...

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