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A louver is provided at an air outlet of an indoor unit. The louver changes the direction of air into the room and swings in a horizontal direction of the room. On the other hand, a temperature sensor unit is provided on the indoor unit. The temperature sensor unit senses temperatures at a plurality ...

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An image sensor is installed in the vicinity of a projection lens. The image sensor images a projected and displayed image and a screen. A projection display area and a screen area are detected from the image imaged by the image sensor. An inputted image data is corrected so that the projection disp ...

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The antitumor activity of L-asparaginase produced from the cultured cells of micro-organisms belonging to the genus Serratia is retained by a purification process wherein, as one of the steps in the purification procedure, the enzymatic liquid is heated to a temperature of at least 60.degree. C., pr ...

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A headlight device comprising a main reflective mirror associated with a main light source, an auxiliary light source mounted adjacent to one side edge of the main reflective mirror, and a lens covering the front side of the two light sources. The one side edge of the main reflective mirror is forme ...

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In a vibration sensor including a base member shaped in the form of a sleeve having a structure for installation on an object of measurement, a piezoelectric conversion portion put onto the periphery of the same, and lead wire member connecting the same with the outside of the sensor, the present in ...

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A surface-treated steel strip comprising a steel substrate, islands of metallic tin distributed on one major surface of the steel substrate, and a chromate coating deposited on the substrate major surface to cover the tin islands can be coated with lacquer, baked and then seam welded into food cans.

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There is disclosed a current control apparatus comprising first controllers adapted for detecting an overall or total load current to calculate distribution values for distributing a current margin with respect to an overall or total current limit value to respective air-conditioners; and second con ...

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A highly corrosion resistant steel sheet for fuel tank comprising a lowermost layer of Zn or Zn-based plating layer deposited on each side of the steel sheet; a chemical conversion film deposited on each of the Zn or Zn-based plating layer; a metal powder-containing organic resin film deposited on o ...

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A method of recovering and reproducing a tinning liquid containing Fe ions and other detrimental cations by the steps of removing cations from the tinning liquid by passing the tinning liquid or a diluted liquid of the tinning liquid through a strong-acid cation exchange resin to obtain a recovered ...

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A multilayer piezoelectric element is provided with a multilayer body, a first external electrode on a side face of the multilayer body, and a second external electrode outside the first external electrode. The multilayer body consists of an alternate stack of a plurality of piezoelectric members an ...