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In an olefin polymerizing catalyst comprising a solid catalyst component and an organometallic compound, there is used, as the solid catalyst component, a substance obtained by contacting and reacting the following compounds with one another:

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A catalyst for polymerization of olefins is disclosed which comprises a titanium and/or vanadium compound supported on a silicon and/or aluminum oxide carrier. This carrier has peculiar characteristics including a specified proportion of highly spherical oxide particles, a selected average pore size ...

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An improved safety air cushion bag which is constructed with a main body of the air cushion bag, an air outlet port or hole formed in one part of the air cushion bag main body, a gas-permeable cloth covering the air outlet port, and at least a single reinforcing member for preventing the gas-permeab ...

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According to this invention, there is provided a process for preparing a non- or low-crystalline soft copolymer, characterized in that 50 to 98 mole % of propylene, 0.2 to 30 mole % of ethylene and 0.2 to 45 mole % of a straight-chained .alpha.-olefin having not less than four carbon atoms are copol ...

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A thermoplastic elastomer composition prepared by partially crosslinking a composition comprising the following components (A), (B) and (C):

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Provided is an ethylene copolymer composition for rotational molding, comprising a copolymer of a predominant ethylene and 0.02 to 1 mole % of a non-conjugated diene represented by the following formula (I) or (II) or a derivative thereof: ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 is an alkylene group having one or ...

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An assay method for amylase activity in a biological specimen such as serum, saliva or urine. The enzyme amylase in the specimen is used to decompose a substrate which is a glucose polymer having a modified reducing terminal glucose residue or a cyclic glucose polymer. A component of the decomposed ...

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Provided is a conductive sheet comprising an organic polymer sheet (A) and a conductive layer, wherein said conductive layer comprises at least one thin metal oxide layer (B) having a thickness within the range of 5 to 1000 .ANG. and at least one metal layer (C) consisting mainly of at least one met ...

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A catalyst component is disclosed for use in the homo- or copolymerization of olefinic hydrocarbons. The catalyst component is comprised of a first compound of the formula Me.sup.1 (OR.sup.1).sub.p R.sup.2.sub.q X.sup.1.sub.4-p-q and a second compound which is an organocyclic compound having two or ...

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Polymeric solid electrolytes are formed by the present invention, namely, by incorporating a low molecular weight polyethylene glycol, a high molecular weight polyethylene oxide and an alkali metal or ammonium salt in a specific cinnamate ester compound, followed by a polymerization and crosslinking ...