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An improved safety air cushion bag which is constructed with a main body of the air cushion bag, an air outlet port formed in one part of the air cushion bag main body, and a gas-permeable cloth covering the air outlet port, the gas-permeable cover cloth being provided with at least one dart, or bei ...

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A compact and light-weight video scope camera offering easy magnification changing operations. A hollow insert portion continuous to a grip to be held by an operator is provided with an imaging system at the leading end. Operating an operation switch on the grip allows operational movement of a sele ...

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Disclosed is polyethylene composition having excellent environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR) and giving molded articles with good surface properties.


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A process for the polymerization of olefinic hydrocarbons is carried out in the presence of a catalyst comprising a catalyst component derived from reacting a compound of the formula Me.sup.1 R.sup.1.sub.n X.sup.1.sub.4-n, a compound of the formula Me.sup.2 R.sup.2.sub.m X.sup.2.sub.z-m, an organocy ...

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According to the present invention there is provide a catalyst capable of affording an olefin homopolymer or copolymer having a high molecular weight and a relatively wide molecular weight distribution, in high yield, using an extremely small amount of a modified organoaluminum compound (particularl ...

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