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An intelligent cruise control system is capable of maintaining a car-to-car distance allowing a collision to be avoided and carrying out follow-up running control without providing a sense of incompatibility to the driver. A radar circuit employed in a radar unit calculates a relative speed Vr of a ...

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Polyolefins having a wide distribution of molecular weights are prepared in a plural stage process, by initially polymerizing the olefins in the presence of a solvent, hydrogen and a highly active Ziegler type catalyst under pressure, and beneath a gas phase containing an inert gas, to form in the f ...

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A high-frequency transmitter-receiver apparatus includes a transceiver circuit realized in a planar structure by a dielectric substrate and a semiconductor chip and a planar antenna formed on a dielectric substrate are provided on front and rear surfaces, respectively, of a single electrically condu ...

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An organic thin film electroluminescent device is composed of an electron transport layer, a hole transport layer and a transparent electrode. The electron transport layer is constituted of an electron conducting polymer represented by the formula (I) ##STR1## wherein R.sup.1 is a hydrogen atom or a ...

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A family of antibiotics active against pathogenic yeasts and fungi comprises aculeacin-A, -B, -C, -D, -E, -F, and -G. These are produced from cultured broth of Aspergillus aculeatus FERM-P 2324.

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A film suitable as a base of image transfer material for thermal recording or a heat-sensitive mimeograph stencil is disclosed. The laminated film of the present invention comprises a coating layer on at least one surface of a polyester film, which coating layer contains as a major component a wax-b ...

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Disclosed is a microlens array sheet for a liquid crystal display including a first substance layer and a second substance layer having a refractive index less than that of the first substance layer. A plurality of minute unit lenses are formed by providing concaves and/or convexes to an interface b ...

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The present invention provides an improved process for preparing a polyolefin cross-linked by silane linkage by contacting a polyolefin modified with silane with water in the presence of a silanol condensation catalyst, the improvement comprising said polyolefin modified with silane being a reaction ...

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A process for the production of polyolefins is disclosed, which is carried out in the presence of catalysts prepared according to the invention. The catalysts comprise a carrier resulting from the reaction of anhydrous magnesium halide, silicon tetrachloride and an alcohol represented by the general ...

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Provided is a polymer composition for forming polyethylene film comprising an ethylene/C.sub.3 -C.sub.8 .alpha.-olefin copolymer having an intrinsic viscosity of 1.3 to 8.7 dl/g determined in decalin at 135.degree. C. and a density of 0.850 to 0.930 and an ethylene polymer having a melt index of 0.0 ...