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A smart card comprises an IC module and an antenna for non-contact transmission. The IC module has both a contact-type function and a non-contact-type function. In the contact-type function, power reception and signal transmission/reception is effected via an electrical contact. In the non-contact-t ...

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A light emitting display includes a display body made of a light diffusing resin material which comprises a transparent resin doped with a light diffusing material, and an LED lamp having an LED chip encapsulated in a mold member made of a light transmissive material and embedded in the display body ...

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A pointing device including a base section, an operating section shiftably supported on the base section, a magnet carried on one of the base section and the operating section, and a magneto-electro transducer carried on the other of the base section and the operating section at a location close to ...

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An EEPROM provided with a write/erase checking circuit comprising, a data detector for determining whether one byte in an input data contains a "0" (representing that a memory cell is not in an erase state); an address latch circuit and a data latch circuit which latch the address and the input data ...

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Disclosed are DNA sequences which are useful for the synthesis of carotenoids such as lycopene, .beta.-carotene, zeaxanthin or zeaxanthin-diglucoside, that is, DNA sequences encoding carotenoid biosynthesis enzymes. These DNA sequences are the sequences 1-6 shown in the specification.

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In a semiconductor integrated circuit such as a semiconductor memory device capable of operating in a special mode in addition to a standard operation mode, a high voltage detection circuit 10 detects a high voltage applied to one of control signal input terminals CS and outputs a detection signal H ...

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A personal communication apparatus is disclosed, which comprises a radio transmitter 64 and a radio receiver 66 for participating in communication, a microphone 60, a loudspeaker 61, a processor 90 as a controller for controlling call switching communication and packet switching communication, a ROM ...

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A semiconductor memory device comprises a memory array, a test mode detecting circuit, an address counter, a correction circuit, and a data counter. When a test mode enable signal is applied externally to the test mode detecting circuit, the address counter sequentially addresses the memory array. T ...

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Each of memory cells in a nonvolatile content-addressable memory (CAM) comprises a first memory transistor connected to a first storage node, a second memory transistor connected to a second storage node, and a memory capacitor connected between said first and second storage nodes. The first storage ...

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In an erase mode, a high DC voltage Vpp is applied to all of the word lines and zero volt is applied to all of the bit lines, whereby the contents of all of the memory transistors are simultaneously erased. In a write mode, which constitutes an essential feature of the present invention, zero volt i ...