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An active matrix type display device is disclosed having an m number of unit pixel array blocks repetitively arranged in a row direction. Each pixel array block comprises a k rows.times.n columns matrix of display elements (Cij, i=1, 2, . . . n, j=1, 2, . . . n) and scanning lines G1 . . . Gn and da ...

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A focusing lens for adjusting the dioptric power in accordance with the user's dioptric power is provided in each of right and left lens barrels. When a main switch dial is set at a normal position, a microcomputer sets the focusing lens at a dioptric power of 0 by controlling a motor so that the fo ...

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A printed circuit board includes a number of ball-shaped terminals provided on one main surface of the board. Each of the ball-shaped terminals includes a metallic ball brazed on a pad provided on the main surface of the board. A thin gold layer is deposited by plating on the surface of the metallic ...

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In a distortion compensating circuit, an initial value sufficient to provide a distortion compensating effect is previously set in a memory storage for storing distortion compensating data, whereby the convergence time of the distortion compensating effect is shortened.

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A tensioner for toothed belts comprises a hydraulic fluid filled cylinder having a piston with a rod projecting out of the cylinder and engaging a pivoted arm with a roller at one end for engaging the belt. A spring within the cylinder urges the rod in the projecting direction, and a check valve car ...

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A data bus control circuit is formed on a single semiconductor integrated circuit that includes input/output terminals for external data exchange and a plurality of functional blocks including a CPU. A bi-directional bus buffer buffers data sent over a data bus between the CPU and the input/output t ...

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A ceramic substrate having on the surface thereof a plurality of pads to be attached to terminal members is provided. Each pad includes a metallic layer formed on the surface of the substrate and a connecting layer made of a nickel base alloy and formed on the metallic layer. A gold-nickel layer mad ...

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A metal-ceramics composite material is produced by forming a metal film comprised of three layers on a ceramic substrate, and laminating a metal member thereon, the metal film comprising first layer of Group IV a metal, second layer of Group VIa metal and third layer of Group Ib metal, wherein the f ...

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An electric wire is wound as coil turns in slots in electric rotating machinery component such as a stator or an armature. The wire as it is supplied from a nozzle or flyer is guided by movable formers into successive layers of coil turns in the slots without forming an unwanted dead space in the sl ...

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A catalyst for cleaning exhaust gas comprises a carrier and a coated layer applied onto the surface of the carrier which comprises an aluminum oxide, a cerium oxide, a zirconium oxide, a nickel oxide, an alkaline earth metal oxide and a noble metal catalytic component. The catalyst can be prepared a ...