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A primary object of the present invention is to provide a remote control apparatus commonly usable to various devices, made in a smaller size and yet provided with no small area of the display portion for displaying operation status of the device. The invention provides a remote control apparatus us ...

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A bar code reader includes a line sensor having a scanning range large enough to scan two or more bar codes. A portion of the scanning range having a size corresponding to a single bar code is determined as a reading range. A reading range comparator 35 determines when a bar code is positioned withi ...

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An optical coordinate input device comprises a number of light emitting elements and corresponding light detecting elements disposed in a plurality of linear arrays. A light ray selection member is provided such that only the light rays from the light emitting elements are detected by the light dete ...

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After serial signals output from a CCD sensor are amplified, a peak value of white levels corresponding to the space portions of bar codes is held by a peak hold circuit, and then the held peak value is converted into a digital value by an analog-to-digital conversion circuit. The value obtained by ...

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A remote control device comprises a control input unit, a transmission unit, a receiving unit, a reply unit and a command control circuit. The control input unit outputs a control signal. The transmission unit stores the control signal in a first memory circuit and transmits a light signal based on ...

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An optical connector composed of a plug lock member provided on the end of a light guide pass and a plug attachable to/detachable from the plug lock member, which is characterized by a lock member provided on either the plug lock member or plug to be pressed onto a member to be held, a push member m ...

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Thiazolidinone derivatives of formula (I): ##STR1## in which R.sup.1, R.sup.2, R.sup.3, R.sup.4 and R.sup.5 are various atoms or organic groups, Ar is an aromatic group and n is an integer have valuable pharmacological activities including the ability to reduce blood glucose levels and blood lipid l ...

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A filter of a photoelectric touch panel which is disposed on the front of an array mounted with light emitting elements and/or light receiving elements and disposed around a faceplate in the form of a frame, and characterized in that converging sections are formed on the filter at least at positions ...

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A light emitting diode driving circuit for supplying a driving pulse to a light emitting diode to thereby cause the light emitting diode to intermittently emit light is disclosed which comprises a clamping circuit, a photodiode disposed in the vicinity of the light emitting diode for detecting the o ...

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In a code reading device, which receives reflected light obtained by scanning a code represented on a recording medium with a laser light beam and decodes it to obtain the code, the reading probability is improved by varying the focusing position for every scanning period with the laser light beam.