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A semiconductor device includes an interconnection plate, a semiconductor chip having electrodes formed on one surface thereof and bonded to the interconnection plate with the other surface thereof, wires respectively connecting the electrodes of the semiconductor chip and the internal connection re ...

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A lead frame for use in the fabrication of a resin-encapsulated semiconductor device of an LOC structure includes a die pad for receiving a semiconductor chip thereon; a plurality of leads having end portions located along the periphery of the die pad; at least two support bars supporting the die pa ...

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A resin-sealed type semiconductor device comprising a semiconductor chip having an electrode pad, a wiring component composed of a wiring layer formed on one side of an insulating board, a through-hole penetrating through the insulating board and a projecting electrode formed on the other side of th ...

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A charge-coupled device has a plurality of photodiode arrays, a plurality of storage electrodes, a pluratity of shift gates, a plurality of reset terminals, and a plurality of shift terminals, which can be operated at different timings. Object images detected by the charge-coupled device at a certai ...

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An image signal amplifier circuit includes an amplifier for amplifying an image signal from a focusdetecting self-scanned image sensor, and a monitor photodetector for detecting the brightness of an object to be photographed. The amplification degree of the image signal is controlled by an automatic ...

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A design rule for a printed wiring board is provided. A conductive layer and a pad are separate from each other in a distance defined by the design rule, which sufficiently prevents the capacitance coupling between the conductive layer and the pad.

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In a range finder, a capacitor for light emission is charged by turning off first and second switching elements and turning on third and fourth switching elements before light is emitted from a light emitting diode. A sum of a charging voltage of the capacitor for light emission and the voltage of a ...

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An automatic focusing control system includes a focus detecting light detector, a rangefinder, a lens driver, a manual range setting unit, a mode setting unit, and a control unit. When a manual mode is selected by the mode setting unit, the control unit applies a lens driving signal from the manual ...

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An auto-focus arithmetic device suitable for use in a photographic camera is provided. The device includes a photographic lens which is movable along a predetermined optical axis and a CCD for detecting light coming from a subject of interest through the lens. An arithmetic unit for determining the ...

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An apparatus for controlling a motor in a camera including, a motor drive unit for driving the motor in a prescribed sequence, a braking device for applying the brakes on the motor in accordance with the prescribed sequence, and a speed detecting unit for monitoring the speed of the motor and permit ...