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In a method of preparing an antithrombogenic medical material having a heparinized collagen as an antithrombogenic component, there is provided a method comprising the steps of fixing a protamine to a collagen through a polyepoxy compound, and heparinizing the collagen by fixing heparin to the prota ...

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This invention relates to a hemostatic agent used in surgical operations, which can be produced in two ways: one blending collagen/gelatin with protamine, the other blending collagen/gelatin with protamine and a bi-functional cross-linking agent so as to make said collagen/gelatin have a covalent bo ...

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A biomaterial excellent in biocompatibility comprising a composite material of an N-acylchitosan and collagen is described. This biomaterial is suitable for used as a wound dressing material, vascular prosthesis, artificial skin or hemostatic agent.

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This invention concerns a production process of an antithrombogenic and antiadhesive material which can favorably be used as artificial blood vessels, artificial valves, grafting patches for cardiovascular organs, artificial heart catheters and so on. The gist of this invention is constructed substa ...