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In a semiconductor package stack module, an LSI (Large Scale Integrated circuit) is mounted, via fine bumps, on a ceramic carrier substrate or a flexible carrier film on which wiring conductors are formed. After a seal resin has been injected, the chip is thinned by, e.g., grinding. A plurality of s ...

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A laminated multi-layer printed board having at least a power source circuit layer, at least a ground layer and at least a signal layer includes a hole which extends through the board to the power source circuit layer. An inductor is provided in the hole.

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A "varistor" or voltage-dependent nonlinear resistor employs a ceramic base body having a voltage-dependent nonlinearity. First and second lead-out electrode layers are formed on first and second external surfaces, respectively, of the ceramic base body. Within and enclosed by the ceramic base body, ...

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A method of manufacturing a ceramic electronic device includes the steps of: forming a pattern of a predetermined shape made of a photosensitive resin; forming an electrical circuit element on a ceramic green sheet; stacking and pressing the pattern, the ceramic green sheet having the electrical cir ...

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A multi-layer circuit board is disclosed which includes a plurality of AlN ceramic layers stocked and combined as an integrated form and wiring layers interposed at different levels between the AlN ceramic layers. The wiring layers are made of a mixture of tungsten and AlN ceramic particles, the con ...

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A multilayer ceramic substrate with an interlayered capacitor has a large electrostatic capacity and a high flexural strength, such as 1,500 Kg/cm.sup.2 or more, and yet is manufactured at a relatively low firing or sintering temperature. A first ceramic body includes a plurality of laminated first ...

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A multilayer glass-ceramic substrate comprises insulator layers of a composition consisting essentially of, when components are expressed as oxides in percent by weight, 40-60 percent of aluminum oxide, 1-40 percent of lead oxide, 1-30 percent of boron oxide, 2-40 percent of silicon dioxide, 0.01-25 ...

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This invention relates to an interconnection structure comprising one or more insulating films and one or more layers of conductor electrode patterns, wherein at least one of the insulating films consists of a fluorene skeleton-containing epoxy acrylate resin, and to a method of making a multilayer ...

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An electroluminescent device and corresponding methods for making the same are described. A thin film structure is disposed on top of a ceramic substrate having electrodes embedded therein. Ceramic material of high dielectric constant separates the internal electrodes from the thin-film structure in ...

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A packaged semiconductor device includes an LSI chip, a chip size package integrally bonded to the LSI chip to mount and hold the LSI chip thereon in order to connect an electrode of a board on which the LSI chip is to be mounted and an electrode of the LSI chip to each other, an electrode formed on ...