Faust Clifford Charles, Kavesh Sheldon, Winokur Louis Lloyd: Sterile cover for fluid container port. Union Carbide Corporation, June 8, 1971: US3583460 (14 worldwide citation)

A sterile cover for a tubular port of a flexible plastic fluid container consists of a sheath of flexible film material disposed over the tubular port and peelably sealed to the port. The port is exposed for use by peeling the sheath off the port and the sheath is thereafter discarded.


Kavesh Sheldon, Prevorsek Dusan Ciril: Shaped polyethylene articles of intermediate molecular weight and high modulus.. Allied, July 23, 1986: EP0187974-A2 (10 worldwide citation)

Solutions of intermediate molecular weight polymers from about 200,000 to about 4,000,000, such as polyethylene, in a relatively non-volatile solvent are extruded through an aperature at constant concentration and thereafter stretched at a ratio of at least about 3:1 prior to cooling to form a first ...

Kavesh Sheldon: Tubing for cryogenic use. Union Carbide Corporation, Ryan Maurice W, March 4, 1975: US3869338 (9 worldwide citation)

Tubing suitable for cryogenic use is disclosed. The tubing, which is composed of a copolymer of ethylene with either vinyl acetate or ethyl acrylate, has dimensions such that the ratio of the outside diameter to the inside diameter of the tubing is at least about 1.5.


Kavesh Sheldon: Solution spinning of uhmw poly (alpha-olefin) with recovery and recycling of volatile spinning solvent. Honeywell International, Kavesh Sheldon, HOIRIIS David, July 13, 2006: WO/2006/073743 (7 worldwide citation)

A process for spinning high molecular weight poly (alph-olefin) filament, particularly ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene filament, from solution in a volatile spinning solvent with recovery and recycling of the solvent.