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Solutions of ultrahigh molecular weigh polymers such as polyethylene in a relatively non-volatile solvent are extruded through an aperture (25) at constant concentration through the aperture and cooled to form a first gel of indefinite length (33). The first gels are extracted (D) with a volatile so ...

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By poststretching, at a temperature between about 135 DEG and 160 DEG C, a polyethylene fiber, which has already been oriented by drawing at a temperature within 5 DEG C of its melting point, an ultra high modulus, very low creep, low shrink, high tenacity polyolefin fiber having good strength reten ...

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A process is provided whereby filaments of metals may be formed by rapid solidification of a molten jet in a fluid medium. Filaments of metastable alloys such as amorphous metals and filaments of fine grained structure having novel orientation may be obtained.

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High performance (high tenacity and modulus) polyethylene fibers are subjected to pressure at elevated temperatures in the absence of a matrix to form articles such as non-woven fabrics and film-like structures, which may be translucent or even transparent. Good fiber adhesion and even fiber deforma ...



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A process and apparatus is disclosed for the production of untwisted, continuous lengths of metal filaments from a molten stream by casting the molten stream onto the inside surface of an annular chill roll wherein the inside surface is inclined at an angle of 2.degree.-30.degree. to the axis of rot ...

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A method for producing and concomitantly winding continuous metal filament in which a quenching wheel is used as a quenching element and in which sufficient pressure is exerted on the filament just beyond the point of solidification to counteract the tensional stress exhibited by the winder on the f ...

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Improved shaped polyethylene articles are produced having a weight average molecular weight between 200,000 and 4,000,000 kilograms/kg mole, tenacity of at least 1147mN/tex (13 grams/denier) and a modulus of at least 3.09x10 mN/tex (350 grams/denier) and having a crystalline orientation function of ...

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A magnetic theft detection system marker is adapted to generate magnetic fields at frequencies that (1) are harmonically related to an incident magnetic field applied within an interrogation zone and (2) habe selected tones that provide the marker with signal identity. The marker is an elongated, du ...