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In correspondence to an application, a resource table to manage computing resources which are available for the application is provided in a rule such that a plurality of applications can mutually use distributed computing resources which could be used so far by itself and can effectively use many d ...

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A networking method and system for performing data communication to a client computer from a server computer having a plurality of network interfaces through a network. The invention includes a LAN switch, provided between the network and the server computer. The LAN switch includes a plurality of c ...

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At least one common vector register capable of being accessed from a plurality of vector processors constituting the multiprocessor is provided in order to transfer vector data among the vector processors at a high speed. The common vector register includes data fields each holding the value of vect ...

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A vector processor includes a storage control apparatus which incorporates an access request buffer unit equipped with an address decoding unit having address decoder circuits corresponding to all models of the vector processors belonging to a same machine series. By using model ID signals, the addr ...

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A main memory shared by plural processing units in a parallel computer system is composed of plural partial main memories. A directory for each data line of the main memory is generated after the data line has been cached in one of the processing units. The directory is held in one of the partial ma ...

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A communication controller at the sending computer divides data transferred from a host into sub-ACK unit packets and transfers them sequentially to a destination without waiting for the sub-ACK's being subsequently provided by the destination. A communication controller at the receiving computer is ...

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This invention provides dynamic balance of the traffic among data processing devices interconnecting networks and thereby improve the networking performance. For network traffic flowing between a first network and a second network, the traffic is distributed among the data processing devices that ac ...

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Each processor of a multiprocessor system which shares a main storage has a execution circuit for executing a compare and watch instruction provided for watching information for synchronization written into a main storage. When one program being executed by one of the processors issues an instructio ...

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In order to execute a flow control and a congestion control in a hop-by-hop manner in a data communication among computers connected to different networks, in a data communication between a client A

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A parallel processing system includes tightly coupled multiprocessors. Each multiprocessor incorporates a local extended storage device which is a secondary storage device for a main storage device. The tightly coupled multiprocessors are connected with each other through a shared extended storage d ...