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Nonwoven fabrics formed, in spun-bonding process, of crimped bi-component composite filaments composed of (A) a first component composed of (a) 3 to 40% by weight of a propylene/ethylene random copolymer having a melting point, determined from DSC main peaks of 110.degree. to 150.degree. C. and a me ...

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An air gun apparatus which permits stable, fine spinning and is capable of discharging fine filaments at a certain degree of dispersion and affording a non-woven fabric of uniform shape is provided. The air gun includes an air nozzle and an accelerator tube. The air nozzle has a filament inlet and o ...

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An object of the present invention is to provide a dispersing device which can disperse filaments uniformly and widely on a moving collector surface by suppressing the turbulence of an air flow as a carrier medium for the filaments to thereby reduce the disturbance of the filaments.

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To stably produce a nonwoven fabric having a fineness in a broad range by gradually cooling a continuous filament discharged from a spinneret and independently optimizing forced cooling air and drawing air. Many polypropylene filaments 8 discharged from a spinneret 1 are gradually cooled in a throat ...