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A robot controller for having a workpiece held by a robot and having the workpiece machined by moving it relative to a stationary tool. The robot controller can control the velocity of relative motion, against the tool, of a machining point on the workpiece. At each teaching point, a transformation ...

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A method for producing a completed base cap for a plastic package sealing a semi-conductor therein includes the steps of forming the initial body of a plastic base cap including a centrally located hollow recess on one side thereof, placing lead frames on said base cap body in such a manner that the ...

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An electric appliance safety system including a hand-held appliance, a power input for receiving electric current, a two-pole switch for activating the appliance, a power cord connecting the appliance with the switch and a pair of manually operable control elements operatively coupled to the two-pol ...

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An image sensor comprising a plurality of pixels formed in a semiconductor substrate, each pixel including a light sensitive element, and a color filter material formed over the light sensitive element, the color filter material formed in a micro-lens shape.


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An image sensor includes an array of pixels formed in a semiconductor substrate. The pixels are grouped as a center portion of pixels and an outer portion of pixels. A first set of micro-lenses is formed over each of the pixels in the center portion of pixels. A second set of micro-lenses is formed ...

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In a grinding machine having a workpiece drive device for rotating a workpiece about an axis and an infeed device for effecting relative infeed movement between a rotating grinding wheel and the workpiece, a computerized numerical controller is provided with a data input device for inputting a numer ...

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Even if duty is shifted to either a state in which an “H” period is long or a state in which an “L” period is long, the duty is recovered to about 50%.

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In a computerized numerical controller for a grinding machine, various grinding modes in which a plurality of portions on a cylindrical workpiece are respectively ground and plural sets of machining data each for use in machining a corresponding one of the workpiece portions are input by a manual da ...

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An electric control apparatus for an industrial robot the arm of which is actuated to carry out machining of a workpiece by means of a machining tool attached thereto. The control apparatus includes a force sensor arranged to detect reaction force acting on the tool, a memory for memorizing a maximu ...