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Insertion of a probe comprising an array of 16 source coils through a forceps channel of an electronic endoscope prepares the source coils in the insert of electronic endoscope for use in monitoring work objects. To a bed where a patient lies, are mounted two sets of sensor coils crossing at a right ...


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A process for polymerizing or copolymerizing ethylene comprises contacting ethylene or ethylene and at least one of .alpha.-olefins with a catalyst consisting essentially of a combination of (A) a solid catalyst component containing at least titanium, magnesium and chlorine, (B) an organoaluminum co ...


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The present invention provides a powder catalyst composition for producing by gas-phase polymerization olefin polymers having excellent polymer qualities and good particle properties in a high yield.

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An object of the present invention is to actively control at least one of the position and direction of the imaging field in a subject and to observe a desired observed region in the subject certainly in a short period of time. A body-insertable device system according to the present invention inclu ...

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An image display apparatus includes a display unit that displays images contained in a plurality of image groups inside a subject picked up by a plurality of imaging devices, and a control unit that extracts a related image related to a currently displayed image currently displayed in the display un ...

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An intra-subject position display system for displaying a position of an intra-subject device, which is introduced into a subject and moves therein, wherein a relative position of the intra-subject device to an outer surface of the subject is detected and displayed. The position of the intra-subject ...


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An image display apparatus that can shorten time for observing a series of images of an interior of a subject without hampering observation of a desired region of interest is provided. The image display apparatus according to the present invention is an image display apparatus for displaying the ser ...