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A radiation image recording system comprises: a supporting material (701) provided with a stimulable phosphor layer (702); an image recording section for exposing said stimulable phosphor layer to a radiation passing through an object (705) to store on said stimulable phosphor layer a radiation tran ...




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An autoradiographic process for obtaining information on one or two dimensional location of radioactively labeled substances contained in a sample selected from the group consisting of tissue of an organism and a medium containing tissue of an organism and/or substances such as DNA originating from ...

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Two or more stimulable phosphor sheets carrying radiation images of an object stored therein under conditions different from one another are scanned with stimulating rays to convert the radiation images into light, which is photoelectrically read out and converted into digital image signals. The dig ...

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The progress of reaction in a turbid reaction mixture is continuously determined with high exactness by continuously determining the absorbance of the turbid reaction mixture passing through a flow cell enclosed in an integrating hollow globe, the inside surface of which reflects scattered light fro ...