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The invention is an oven system for roasting, cooking, baking and regenerating, as well as for grilling foodstuffs by supplying heat into a cooking space of the oven. The oven system includes at least one slide-in frame movable into and out of the cooking space, respectively, the slide-in frame havi ...

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A handheld powered planer is provided with a receiving chamber (25) with a chips redirecting surface (51) next to the drum compartment (18) for the cutter drum (15). The receiving chamber (25) is connected via an inlet opening (28) to the drum compartment (18) and via a lateral outlet opening (26, 2 ...


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In the process for gasification of municipal waste plastic waste material pieces of about a 20 mm piece size are compressed and heated at a pressure of from 40 to 80 bar until at a temperature of from 230.degree. to 300.degree. C. to produce an HCl-containing gas and a plastic waste material contain ...

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An environment-friendly basic oil based on natural materials for the formulation of hydraulic oils having improved viscosity at elevated temperature and lower pour point contains rapeseed oil or soybean oil as the main component, an antioxidant selected from methoxyphenol, ethoxyphenol, butyl hydrox ...

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A power tool having a plastics material housing and a power output spindle is provided with a tube-like metal member in the front end of the housing. A bearing is received within the tube-like member for supporting the spindle. The tube-like member has at the front end thereof radially outwardly ext ...

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An electro-magnetic tacker, which can carry out a limited number of driving strokes when its main switch is actuated, has a staple magazine pivotal between a blocking position and an operating position. In the operating position of the staple magazine, a staple blocking member blocks the front stapl ...


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Polyethylene glycol ethers of the type obtained by the addition of from 4 to 20 parts by weight of ethylene oxide onto 1 part by weight of polyglycerol having a hydroxyl number in the range from 900 to 1200 and subsequent etherification of the free hydroxyl groups with linear or branched alkyl halid ...