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An apparatus for measuring the level of fluid in a container by the use of measuring electrodes forming a measuring condenser, and compensation electrodes forming a compensation condenser by which the effect of various dielectric constants of the medium upon the measuring result can be compensated i ...

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A liquid level measuring device for measuring the liquid level in a container, includes a fastening member for holding the device in a container, and a support with a lower end portion or prop extending into engagement with the container bottom. The support carries a liquid level sensing member and ...

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A liquid level indicating device for indicating a predetermined liquid level in a container includes a mounting member mounted on the container, a float movable with the level of liquid in the container and actuating an electrical switch when the float is at the predetermined liquid level in the con ...

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An apparatus is disclosed for electrically locking the doors of motor vehicles, wherein at least one motor is supported in a driver door and the motor is coupled with a lock mechanism by means of a connecting element, with a first switch coupled with the motor to be actuated thereby and a second swi ...

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A suction device for a fuel feed unit in which the suction device has a rigid suction tube on which a suction head is arranged. The suction head is formed as a conically widening elastic bellows having a large suction opening which faces the bottom with a screen arranged in the opening. As a result ...

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In a device for the electric measurement of the level of a liquid in a container, particularly in the gasoline tank of a vehicle, a support developed as protective tube of a conductor foil is fastened for swinging against the force of a spring (14 and 21) to the top of the container. In order to be ...

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A dental preparation for the care of the mouth which exerts a refreshing and stimulating action on the mucous membranes of the mouth and the gum contains uracil-4-carboxylic acid and/or its inorganic and organic salts, optionally with a solubilizer. 3 Claims, No Drawings