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A tragus acupressure clip is disclosed with a concave spring having two opposing jaws. The jaws are separated by an opening of a slot delineated by an inner surface of the concave spring. Two opposing pressure pads are provided, each positioned on an inner surface of the concave spring and separated ...

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A wearable iontophoresis system includes a control housing having a connector and an iontophoretic drug delivery patch for placement against the skin of a patient. The patch has a device for retaining the control housing connector which permits the connector to be removably attached to the patch. Th ...

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A lock which is rekeyable or programmable to operate with a different key from the exterior thereof without disassembling it or removing it from a lock assembly in which it is assembled is disclosed. The lock may be rekeyed through the keyway so that the lock appears from the exterior thereof to be ...

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A valvulotome for rendering venous valve leaflets incompetent includes a rigid support comprising a fluid supply tube and, molded thereon, a dilator, and first and second valve disrupting heads. Each of the disrupting heads has a plane of symmetry, wherein the planes of symmetry of the two disruptin ...

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An autotransfuser that includes, in a single receptacle, a pair of chambers separated by a common wall. Each receptacle can alternately perform, a blood infusion or blood collection function. Each chamber includes at least three inlets/outlets, a blood inlet, a blood outlet and an air inlet means In ...

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The disclosure relates to a protector in the form of a rigid plastic disk which bites into and displaces material on the shell portion of a needle cover cap to protect a user from accidental sticks injuries while recapping the needle.

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A clip is disclosed which is attached to the tragus lobe of the ear. The clip has a concave spring with two opposing jaws separated by a slot delineated by an inner surface of the concave spring. The clip also has two opposing pressure pads, each positioned on the end of a different jaw, on the inne ...

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A handle is disclosed. The handle is for use with a utensil or tool such as a pan or other cookware. The handle comprises a core and may comprise a grip. The core comprises a base mounting portion coupled to the base and a grip portion including a first member and a second member spaced apart from t ...

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A surgical stapler for implanting and clinching staples in the body of a patient employs a reciprocally movable, retractable anvil and a reciprocally movable former for forming a staple about the end of the retractable anvil. A toggle is mounted in a stapler trigger which simultaneously actuates the ...

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A transportable, hand-held motorized dispenser having an amusement characteristic includes a disc-shaped housing of a top shell and a bottom shell and a motor driven turntable mounted for unidirectional rotation therein. The housing defines a recess for receiving compartments defined by the turntabl ...