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A below-knee prosthesis with a rigid, bowl-shaped outer shaft having a closed distal end, and with a flexible inner shaft which is fitted therein in a removable manner and which likewise has a closed distal end and also an air chamber which can be inflated via a valve. To improve the wearing comfort ...

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A below-knee prosthesis in which an adapter is displaceable and fixable in relation to the lower socket end on a circular segment surface whose circular arc lies in the sagittal and frontal plane and whose midpoint is the center of the knee.

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A radar system embeds information into the radar picture data for display on any display device. The radar receiver communicates weather data to a signal processor which generates a weather array. An I/O processor transmits data in the weather array to a display device via a picture bus. Alphanumeri ...

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A roll-formed sliding surface bearing bushing is circular in an installed state and has a butt joint which extends throughout the width of the bushing and is closed in an installed state. To ensure a backlash-free bearing arrangement, the bushing has on its outside peripheral surface a trapezoidal p ...

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A sheet material for sliding surface bearings comprises an expanded metal mesh which consists of a wrought aluminum alloy and is coated with a mixture of polytetrafluoroethylene, filler and glass fibers. The bond strength is increased by coating the surface of the expanded metal mesh with a primer l ...

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The invention relates to a rolled-up plain bearing bush made from a metal/plastic composite plain bearing material whose wall has a thickness of at least 0.75 mm and which can be pressed into an opening of said bearing to form a medium-force fit. The inventive bearing bush also comprises a metal sup ...

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Hose belt conveyor (1), comprising an elongated belt 2) which can be folded to a closed hose. At the edges it is provided with thickened parts (3) which are placed resting against each other during the formation of the hose. These thickened parts bound a V-shaped part which widens in the direction a ...

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Synthetic crystalline aluminosilicate of the pentasil type and method for using the same as catalysts or catalyst components in petrochemical processes for the catalytic conversion of hydrocarbons and their derivatives into useful organic compounds and intermediates.

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A roll-formed bushing for sliding surface bearings has no machining allowance in the bearing bore and is made of a strip section and has a butt joint that extends throughout the width of the bearing. In order to reduce the allowances of the bore diameter and the outside diameter of the bearing bushi ...

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An economical and environmentally safe method for synthesizing wide-pore aluminophosphate crystalline molecular sieves primarily involves inorganic synthesis requiring no structure-directing organic templates. In addition to aluminium and phosphate, further components selected from group IV of the p ...