Scott C Deerwester, Susan T Dumais, George W Furnas, Richard A Harshman, Thomas K Landauer, Karen E Lochbaum, Lynn A Streeter: Computer information retrieval using latent semantic structure. Bell Communications Research, James W Falk, John T Peoples, June 13, 1989: US04839853 (412 worldwide citation)

A methodology for retrieving textual data objects is disclosed. The information is treated in the statistical domain by presuming that there is an underlying, latent semantic structure in the usage of words in the data objects. Estimates to this latent structure are utilized to represent and retriev ...

Douglas A Corey, Thomas K Landauer, Karen E Lochbaum: Searching large collections of text using multiple search engines concurrently. U S West, MediaOne Group, Holme Roberts & Owen, November 16, 1999: US05987446 (280 worldwide citation)

An information retrieval system is disclosed, wherein the system includes a plurality of text search engines based on substantially different computational searching techniques. By activating each search engine with input from a user information request, the output from each of the search engines is ...

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