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The invention discloses various ultrasonic dental equipment primarily adapted to be used for professional dental purposes as well as various dental procedures capable of being performed with the ultrasonic instrumentation. The ultrasonic dental system permits the user to selectively utilize a variet ...

Kuris Arthur, Balamuth Lewis, Karatjas Manuel: Ultrasonic method for cleaning teeth. Ultrasonic Systems, August 13, 1974: US3828770 (42 worldwide citation)

A method for cleaning teeth by providing bursts of ultrasonic mechanical vibration at an applicator repeated at a sonic frequency to produce both ultrasonic and sonic vibratory motion and effect during use of said applicator.

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The system includes converter means for transforming regular current; i.e.., 60 cycles per second, to electrical current at different frequencies in the sonic and/or ultrasonic range for driving individual motors each connected to the converter means for being energized at a different frequency.

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An electric razor having a guard member with a plurality of apertures for hairs to extend therethrough and a cutter member oscillated relative to the guard member for severing the hairs. The guard member and/or the cutter member are vibrated at an ultrasonic rate to improve the entry of hairs into t ...