Miyahara Mamoru, Nanto Toshiyuki, Kanagu Shinji, Shinoda Tsutae, Kurai Teruo: Flat form display device. Fujitsu, February 24, 1992: JP1992-056039

PURPOSE: To prevent wire severance resulting from exfoliation of an electrode for displaying and enhance the reliability by allowing a metal aux. electrode to protrude in the display electrode extended direction to a transparent electrode at the end of the display electrode, and mounting directly on ...

Kanae Tatsutoshi, Kanagu Shinji, Nanto Toshiyuki: Plasma display panel. Fujitsu, September 30, 1992: JP1992-274141

PURPOSE: To provide a plasma display panel where an excellent discharging space for making a display operation stable can be formed with ease by providing partition walls for dividing the discharging space. CONSTITUTION: In a plasma display panel 1 having partition walls 29 for dividing a dischargin ...

Kanagu Shinji: Plasma display panel. Fujitsu, October 16, 1992: JP1992-292837

PURPOSE: To enable the substrate of a plasma display panel to be compact by expanding space between external connection terminals and reducing the number of repair terminals, regarding the plasma display panel of surface discharge type having a pair of adjacent electrodes laid on the substrate. CONS ...

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PURPOSE: To offer the method for electrolytic etching where the electrode film formed on the PDP pannel is electrolytically etched in the state of without generating irregular etching part thereon. CONSTITUTION: Electrolytic etching solution 4 is supplied to metallic film 1 onto the substrate 2 tran ...


Fujimoto Akihiro, Kanagu Shinji: Method of bonding tubulation tubing of display panel. Fujitsu Hitachi Plasma Display, November 8, 2001: KR1020000072101

PURPOSE: A method of bonding tubulation tubing of display panel is provided to prevent the entry of the adhesive member into the tubulation tubing or the adhesion of the adhesive member to the clip. CONSTITUTION: A cylindrical tubulation tubing(1) has a flange(2) with a substantially flat end face(2 ...

Fujimoto Akihiro, Kanagu Shinji, Kawanami Yoshimi, Kunii Yasuhiko, Nanto Toshiyuki, Shibata Masayuki, Wakabayashi Yasuhiro, Yajima Yusuke, Yamamoto Kenichi, Yokoyama Atsushi: Plasma display panel and its manufacturing method. Fujitsu Hitachi Plasma Display, March 14, 2002: KR1020010002349

PURPOSE: To provide a PDP(plasma display panel) with excellent productivity in both barrier rib formation and gas exhausting, and capable of providing a bright and stable display. CONSTITUTION: In this plasma display panel 1, a gap between a pair of opposed substrates 11 and 21 is filled with a disc ...