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A portable light device is capable of generating light that is substantially uniformly distributed at its surface. The light device includes a housing having at least a translucent portion formed of a translucent material A first light source is disposed within the housing and is adapted to generate ...

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A decorative light system includes a base and a portable light device capable of communicating with each other to generate a light show. The system includes a base defining a receptacle and including a microcontroller, a transceiver operably coupled to the microcontroller and adapted to generate a c ...

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An adapter device for a lamp or light fixture includes a male connector, a female socket and control circuitry. The adapter supports at least one RGB LED cluster positioned so as to emit a colored light show. The male connector is configured to be received in a conventional light socket. The adapter ...





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A method of emitting a volatile material includes the step of programming a volatile material dispenser to include at least two intensity levels, wherein upon initiation of each of the intensity levels for an operating cycle, a resistor is operated at a first percentage of its power rating for a fir ...