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A speed indicating ball includes a timer, which is activated upon throwing of the ball, and deactivated upon catching of the ball, for measuring the ball's time of flight. The timer is connected to a display which provides a direct read out which is inversely proportional to the time of flight of th ...

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An edible shell/thermoplastic container system consists of a first substantially hemispherical edible shell and a second substantially hemispherical edible shell. The thermoplastic container preferably consists of a first substantially non-hemispherical shell and a second substantially non-hemispher ...

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An animated wind up toy, that is safe, durable, lightweight, compact and includes a wind up motor that drives a cam actuated mechanism that causes the toy to move. The wind up toy has an outward contour and coloring that resembles a food item, such as a milk shake, fries or hamburger.

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This patent disclosure teaches a moving, vehicle toy having a hand operable selector knob that determines the direction of single guide wheel that is steered by the action of a pivotally mounted steering arm that is rotated by means of a lever arm that engages with any one of several cam surfaces of ...