Albert Deirchow Lin, Patrick John Graydon, Justin Eliot Busch, Maureen Caudill, Nancy Ann Chinchor, Jason Chun Ming Tseng, Lei Wang, Bryner Sabido Pancho, Kenneth Scott Klein, Yuri Adrian Tijerino: Concept-based search and retrieval system. Banner & Witcoff, January 6, 2004: US06675159 (700 worldwide citation)

A concept-based indexing and search system indexes collections of documents with ontology-based predicate structures through automated and/or human-assisted methods. The system extracts the concepts behind user queries to return only those documents that match those concepts. The concept based searc ...

Justin Eliot Busch, Albert Deirchow Lin, Patrick John Graydon, Maureen Caudill: Ontology-based parser for natural language processing. Science Applications International Corporation, Banner & Witcoff, April 11, 2006: US07027974 (319 worldwide citation)

An ontology-based parser incorporates both a system and method for converting natural-language text into predicate-argument format that can be easily used by a variety of applications, including search engines, summarization applications, categorization applications, and word processors. The ontolog ...

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