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The wavelength-converting casting composition is based on a transparent epoxy casting resin with a luminous substance admixed. The composition is used in an electroluminescent component having a body that emits ultraviolet, blue or green light. An inorganic luminous substance pigment powder with lum ...

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Hydraulic actuating drive for a clutch, including a control unit, a hydraulic pump which can be driven by a drive and which feeds a pressure accumulator, and an actuating cylinder which is connected via a control valve with the pressure accumulator. The drive of the hydraulic pump is provided with a ...

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To be able to verify the function of the actuator system of an automatic clutch or of an automatic transmission of a motor vehicle as a function of the current conditions, including while the motor vehicle is in motion is necessary, the invention teaches that a test circuit actuates the actuator sys ...

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A multi-color offset printing press for the printing and in-line coating of materials is disclosed. The printing press includes an in-line flexographic printing/lacquering unit for applying coating fluids to materials printed in the printing press. The flexographic printing/lacquering unit may be in ...

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A kitchen appliance, having an interchangeable tool attachment, such as a stirrer arm, and an interchangeable container attachment, such as a food chopper. The tool attachment has a base which is secured to the appliance through rotation of a rotatable tension ring assembly, surrounding a power take ...

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An optoelectronic device, e.g. for integrated circuits, has an Si, II-VI or III/V semiconductor layer and an LaF.sub.3 or La.sub.1-x X.sub.x F.sub.3 insulating layer which is doped with Nd or Er to generate an optical signal whose wavelength is determined by the 4f ions used. The insulating layer ca ...

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The invention relates to a process for preparing solutions of oligomeric methylaluminoxanes, which contain trimethylaluminum in the free and/or complexed form, in hydrocarbons by partial hydrolysis of trimethylaluminum with water and to carrying out this process in a rotor/stator reaction machine.

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A ventilated brake disc for rail vehicles of a divided or undivided design is provided. The brake disc comprises a brake ring with ribs connected to the hub. Projections for fastening the brake ring to the hub are connected to selected ribs having recesses. In another design the brake ring, within i ...

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The invention discloses a building element and system useful in the construction of silos and other compartmentalized structures; the system comprising a first upright elongated plate 1 having a flange 3 along each of two longitudinal edges at approximately 45 degrees from the plate, the included an ...

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Process for the preparation of a 6,13-dihydroquinacridone of the general formula (I) ##STR1## in which R.sup.1, R.sup.2, R.sup.3 and R.sup.4 designate hydrogen or substituents customary for quinacridone, characterized in that an optionally substituted dialkyl 2,5-di-(phenylamino)-3,6-dihydroterephth ...