Jurgen Dethloff: Identification system safeguarded against misuse. McGlew and Tuttle, August 8, 1978: US04105156 (171 worldwide citation)

An identification card with interior circuits, including memory means, for use in a credit or identification system, into which the user enters a "secret" number and then the input gate to that part of the memory means is destroyed for security purposes.

Jurgen Dethloff, Hans Peter Heyden: Text processing apparatus. Jurgen Dethloff, McGlew and Tuttle, February 10, 1981: US04250560 (20 worldwide citation)

The apparatus comprises a data storage provided with an electronic control unit to which are connected a retrieving unit, an input unit, and a charge/retrieve switch. The electronic control unit includes an input unit, an output unit, a program storage and a microprocessor. The data storage is provi ...