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An image composing method and apparatus is provided which can compose a mixed image with no increased hardware scale and no reduced processing speed.

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A pattern formation method wherein a very small pattern composed of a desired element (atoms) is formed directly on a substrate by using atomic beam hologram technology. Quantum coherent reflection of an atomic wave is utilized. A coherent atomic beam is irradiated as a material wave, for example, u ...

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A clipping device for reducing the number of processing cycles, and simplifying the circuit, while increasing the speed of the processing. The clipping device has a clip code generation circuit for generating clip codes corresponding to results of a comparison of vertex coordinates of a primitive an ...

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An image processing apparatus processes image information that includes pixels each of which have X-axis and Y-axis coordinates. The apparatus includes a circuit for processing the image information in an X-axis direction, a circuit for processing the image information in a Y-axis direction and a ci ...

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A rendering system for processing rendering command packets includes a plurality of prefetch circuits which are supplied with a rendering command packet including a rendering command and a parameter and prefetch a next rendering command packet during processing of the former rendering command packet ...

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In accordance with the method of the invention, the electromagnetic wave is absorbed by disposing an oriented carbon fiber-containing composition in such a manner that the longitudinal axis of its carbon fiber is aligned with the direction of the electric field of the wave W to be absorbed.

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An apparatus for feeding a both-sided document having images on both sides thereof is provided with a document stand; a reading section; a feeder having a feeding passage and to feed the both-sided document from the document stand to the reading section along the feeding passage; a pair of reversing ...

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The resist according to the present invention includes any one of tetrachloromethyl tetramethoxycalix [4] arene and trichloromethyl tetramethoxycalix [4] arene. The resist including such kind of components is soluble in the solvent having less effect to worsen a working environment, namely, ethyl la ...

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A three-dimensional primitive rendering system is disclosed, which comprises first and second registers for storing first and second incremental values of primitive data, respectively, a first adder and a third register for successively adding one of outputs of the first and second registers, fourth ...

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A split-opening portion is formed by two transverse breakable portions that extend substantially along the transverse direction of a vehicle, two front-rear breakable portions that extend substantially along the front-rear direction of the vehicle and are connected to the transverse breakable portio ...