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An improved cassette loading apparatus for a video cassette recorder using a VHS type video tape cassette which includes a driving mechanism. The apparatus comprises improved lever type cassette recognition means and lid opening means rotatably mounted to a cassette holder for receiving the cassette ...

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A method for forming a pattern, including the steps of preparing a cliché having a recess thereon corresponding to a position of a pattern, filling one of resist and ink within the recess of the cliché, affixing a substrate on which the pattern is to be formed on a loading plate, aligning the loadin ...

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A method of fabricating a color filter substrate for a liquid crystal display device includes the steps of forming a black matrix on a substrate; adhering a color transcription film to the substrate; disposing a laser head over the color transcription film; repeatedly scanning the color transcriptio ...

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An idling rotation mechanism in a housing of a video cassette tape recorder, including a cassette loading device for loading and unloading a cassette in and out of a deck, a tape loading device for moving a video cassette tape inserted in the deck into a position of magnetic transformation, a single ...

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A printing system comprises a moving rail, a cliché plate and a substrate positioned on the moving rail, a printing roller that transcribes a pattern material on the substrate by passing through the cliché plate. The printing system further comprises a cleaning unit that cleans the cliché plate.

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A magnetic recording and/or reproducing apparatus includes a single main slide member for interlocking the respective portions of a deck, a master gear member for moving the main slide member and a motor for driving the master gear member. The master gear member is engaged with a rack formed on the ...

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A printing device and a printing method using the same is disclosed. An air pocket is formed in a cliché stage to prevent a cleaning solution from permeating into a space between the cliché stage and a cliché plate, thereby preventing a lower surface of the cliché plate from being contaminated. The ...

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A reel table driving apparatus for a tape cassette recorder includes a main plate, a reel table having a reel disk rotatably installed on the main plate, a driving gear coaxially combined with the reel disk, for transmitting a driving force, and a friction gear having a larger diameter than that of ...

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A method for manufacturing a flexible display device in which a flexible substrate is acquired by forming display devices on one side of the substrate and thinning the substrate by removing surface portions on an opposite side of the substrate. The thickness of the substrate is changed from a first ...

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A color filter substrate for a liquid crystal display device includes a substrate, a black matrix having a plurality of open portions on the substrate, a color filter layer on the black matrix, and a dielectric layer including first and second layers on the color filter layer, wherein the first laye ...