Farhad Moghadam, Jun Zhao, Timothy Weidman, Rick J Roberts, Li Qun Xia, Alexandros T Demos: Methods and apparatus for E-beam treatment used to fabricate integrated circuit devices. Applied Materials, Moser Patterson & Sheridan, August 30, 2005: US06936551 (18 worldwide citation)

One embodiment of the present invention is a method for fabricating a low-k dielectric film that includes steps of: (a) chemical vapor depositing a lower-k dielectric film; and (b) e-beam treating the lower-k dielectric film.

Jun Zhao: Raman spectroscope. New Chromex, Kudirka & Jobse, September 5, 2006: US07102746 (17 worldwide citation)

A compact spectroscope is sufficiently lightweight for use in combination with a microscope for analyzing samples using Raman analytical techniques. The Raman spectroscope includes a housing detachably mountable to the microscope. The housing contains at least one source of radiation. One or more fi ...

Jun Zhao, Ashok Sinha, Avi Tepman, Mei Chang, Lee Luo, Alex Schreiber, Talex Sajoto, Stefan Wolff, Charles Dornfest, Michal Danek: Plasma treatment of titanium nitride formed by chemical vapor deposition. Applied Materials, Charles S Guenzer Esq, August 7, 2001: US06270859 (17 worldwide citation)

A method of depositing titanium nitride by chemical vapor deposition in a chamber having several design features directed to the conductive nature of titanium nitride, particularly when a plasma treatment step is performed after the thermal deposition of the film. Preferably, during the post-deposit ...

Semyon Sherstinsky, Calvin Augason, Leonel A Zuniga, Jun Zhao, Talex Sajoto, Leonid Selyutin, Joseph Yudovsky, Maitreyee Mahajani, Steve G Ghanayem, Tai T Ngo, Arnold Kholodenko: Substrate support member for a processing chamber. Applied Materials, Moser Patterson Sheridan, October 15, 2002: US06464795 (16 worldwide citation)

A support member for supporting a substrate in a process chamber, the support member having a substrate support surface with one or more isolated recessed areas. A vacuum channel and a gas channel are formed in the support member along a common plane and are coupled to a vacuum source and gas source ...

Jun Zhao, Tabata Atsushi, Cho Tom, Qiao Jianmin, Guo Xin Sheng, Schreiber Alex: Methods and apparatus for reducing residues in semiconductor processing chambers. Applied Materials, June 25, 1997: EP0780490-A1 (16 worldwide citation)

The disclosure relates to a method and apparatus for limiting residue build-up by lining with a ceramic material (32) the exhaust plenun (222) and exhaust manifold (239) of a processing chamber. An air gap is provided between ceramic liner (236) and the processing chamber walls (134) increases the d ...

Visweswaren Sivaramakrishnam, Hiroshi Nishizato, Jun Zhao, Ichiro Yokoyama: Vaporization sequence for multiple liquid precursors used in semiconductor thin film applications. Applied Materials, John P Taylor, July 2, 1996: US05531183 (14 worldwide citation)

A process and apparatus is described for the processing of thin films on semiconductor substrates using one or more liquid precursor sources wherein the liquid precursor source with the highest vapor pressure is first vaporized and then introduced as a vapor into a common manifold connected to a pro ...

Charles Dornfest, Jun Zhao, Vincent Ku, Po Tang, Talex Sajoto, Frank Chang: Vaporization apparatus and process. Applied Materials, Thomason Moser & Patterson, July 4, 2000: US06082714 (14 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an apparatus and process for the vaporization of liquid precursors and deposition of a film on a suitable substrate. Particularly contemplated is an apparatus and process for the deposition of a metal-oxide film, such as a barium, strontium, titanium oxide (BST) film, on a s ...

Mao Lin Lei, Jia Yong He, Qi Jun Zhao, Yu Long Mao: Portable memory device with protective cap. Hon Hai Precision, Wei Te Chung, May 29, 2007: US07223574 (13 worldwide citation)

A portable storage device (1) includes a memory device with a USB mating port (20) and a protective cap (30) detachably mated with the USB mating port in a mating direction. The USB mating port has an engagement portion (211). The protective cap includes a case (31) for receiving the USB mating port ...

Fritz Schreyer Allen, Jun Zhao: Method for adjusting spectral measurements to produce a standard Raman spectrum. New Chromex, Ray R Regan, August 28, 2001: US06281971 (13 worldwide citation)

A method for producing a standard Raman spectrum of a sample. A source of incident radiation is provided. Means provide an incident beam and a monitor beam from the incident radiation. The incident beam is directed to the sample and a Raman beam is generated from the sample. Spectral data may be col ...

Yanhui Sun, Jun Zhao: Acid dyeable polyester compositions. E I du Pont de Nemours and Company, Mark D Kuller, June 10, 2003: US06576340 (12 worldwide citation)

An acid-dyeable polyester composition comprising (a) polyester and (b) secondary amine or secondary amine salt in an amount effective to promote acid-dyeability. The acid-dyeable polyester composition may be prepared by melt blending: the polyester; and polymeric additive prepared from (i) triamine ...

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