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A semiconductor light emitting device with improved luminous efficiency is provided. An underlying n-type GaN layer is grown on a sapphire substrate, and a growth mask made from SiO2 film or the like is formed on the underlying n-type GaN layer. An n-type GaN layer having a hexagonal pyramid shape i ...

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A semiconductor light emitting device includes a crystal layer formed on a substrate, the crystal layer having a tilt crystal plane tilted from the principal plane of the substrate, and a first conductive type layer, an active layer, and a second conductive type layer, which are formed on the crysta ...

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An information processing method and apparatus free from a defect in a conventional system that complicated processing operations need to be executed before a user selects a desired application program on a task bar equipped with a start menu button and starts the selected program. A jog dial relate ...

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A method of confirming the diagnosis of Kawasaki disease in a patient which comprises assaying the patient's body fluid for the presence of elevated levels of a substance specifically bound by an anti-tumor necrosis factor monoclonal antibody.

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Apparatus and methods are disclosed for measuring wavefront aberrations microlithography projection lenses such as i-line or excimer laser projection lenses. The apparatus comprises an argon-ion laser irradiating a Fizeau surface that reflects reference light and transmits test light. The test light ...

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An image display system for providing images such that a right eye and a left eye of an observer see different images, respectively. The image display system includes: a camera for taking a picture of said observer and then outputting an image of the observer; a pair of liquid crystal display device ...

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The invention provides an audio plug capable of preventing excessive stress from being applied to a plug by enabling a plug body to be detached from a plug-in portion equipped with a channel plug, thus preventing damage and deterioration of function of the plug or a connecting portion between a cabl ...

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This invention discloses inspection apparatus for detecting unfavorable foreign matters existent on the surface of an object such as semiconductor wafer. The apparatus includes a collimated beam generator portion which projects a collimated beam towards the object to-be-inspected from a side thereof ...

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A culture equipment for bio-organisms such as animal cells and plant cells, having substratum and a circulation-inducing chamber, accommodating the material for substratum made of fibrous, or porous, or layered substance, such as of ceramics, plastics, resin or skin having a number of spaces in the ...

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A space modulation device 10 displays an image for right eye and an image for left eye. An observer image display device 12 displays an image of a half surface of an observer's face obtained by an imaging device 14 and a negative-positive reversed image of the image of the half surface of the face. ...