Syama S Velamuri, Julia B Torbert: Method for routing a call to a destination based on range identifiers for geographic area assignments. BellSouth Corporation, Jones & Askew, March 2, 1999: US05878126 (194 worldwide citation)

A method and system of routing a call, made to a single number of a subscriber, to a particular subscriber location of a plurality of subscriber locations based on the geographic area from which the call originated is disclosed. One method of the present invention routes a call from a caller that is ...

Janine M Irwin, James M Seymour, Iris Y Chen, James M Davis, David C Sowell, Nailesh B Desai, Julia B Torbert: Method for routing calls based on predetermined assignments of callers geographic locations. BellSouth Corporation, Jones & Askew, July 2, 1996: US05533107 (144 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a method that enables a business with multiple locations within a LATA to use a single number for its service. All callers dial the same number to reach the subscriber's business, and a network routes the calls to the most appropriate subscriber location based on the geograp ...

Syama S Velamuri, Julia B Torbert: Methods and system for obtaining processing information relating to a communication. Bellsouth Corporation, Kilpatrick Stockton, November 28, 2000: US06154535 (36 worldwide citation)

Methods and systems for obtaining information based on a calling number associated with a communication from a subscriber area defined within the service area. A grid/block/strip system defines at least one strip within a subscriber area and within a block. A strip table includes a strip entry for e ...

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