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Surgical material of resorbable polymer, copolymer, or polymer mixture containing at least partially fibrillated structural units, and use thereof.

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Surgical osteosynthesis composite material, which is self-reinforced i.e. it is formed about the absorbable polymer or copolymer matrix which is reinforced with the absorbable reinforcement units which have the same chemical element percentage composition as the matrix has.

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The invention describes using at least part of the original fibrosis fixing materials of the fixing fracture, osteotomy, joint surgery or the joint injury and the equipment made of the materials, such as a bar, a plate, a bolt, an inner marrow nail and a U-shaped nail, the materials and equipment or ...

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This invention describes self-reinforced, absorbable materials and devices or their parts or components for surgical fixation of damaged and/or operated tissues, which materials, devices or their parts or components comprise: matrix of an absorbable polymer or copolymer or of a polymer mixture, rein ...

Juha Laiho, John Michelon, Pekka Matilainen: Metal net for treatment of gases. Young & Thompson, February 15, 2007: US20070033923-A1

The invention relates to a metal net for use in gas treatment and an gas treatment equipment including this metal net and a method for cleaning exhaust gases of engines. The invention also relates to equipment for manufacturing such a metal net. The equipment according to the invention is particular ...

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An inhalator, an inhalator component and a method for manufacturing an inhalator component. The inhalator and inhalator component have at least one surface made of polymer material that includes a coating layer. The coating layer substantially reduces moisture penetration through the surface and low ...

Juha Laiho: Pipette body, pipette tip and method. Medisize Oy, Cohen Pontani Lieberman & Pavane, November 18, 2010: US20100288058-A1

Pipette tip, pipette body and method for analysis. The pipette tip (1) comprises a tip body (6) having an inner surface (I) and an outer surface (O). The tip body comprises a first end (3) and a second end (4) having a flow opening (19). The tip body (6) is provided with a first optical grating stru ...

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The present invention relates a substrate having corrugated sheet(s) and channel(s) for treating exhaust gases of combustion engines. The present invention also relates to methods for manufacturing and using said substrate having said open channel(s). The substrate (1) comprises at least one corruga ...