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An online commerce system facilitates online commerce over a public network using an online commerce card. The "card" does not exist in physical form, but instead exists in digital form. It is assigned a customer account number that includes digits for a prefix number for bank-handling information, ...

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A system includes a portable information device and a computing unit, and is architected to enable the portable information device to identify its type and properties to the computing unit. The portable information device has a processor and a memory. The memory stores a device class tag which is in ...

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Methods and system of preventing unauthorized scripting. The invention includes providing one or more tests to a user for distinguishing the user from a machine when the user requests access to the server. By storing information on a correct solution to the test in a block of data and sending the bl ...

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This invention concerns a system and method for securely distributing subsetted fonts from a distributor to a client. The system includes a signing module to construct an authentication tree having leaves formed of glyphs, one or more intermediate levels of nodes computed as one-way functions of the ...

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This invention provides a computer-implemented method for performing a modular reduction operation "X mod M" and doing modular arithmetic on a computer. In a first stage of the method, the number X=, written in base .alpha., is reduced from k+1 blocks to an n+1 block integer Y that is equivalent to ...

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Methods for preventing unauthorized scripting. The invention generates a human interactive proof to distinguish a human from a machine by generating a random set of characters and altering each of the characters individually to inhibit computerized character recognition. The invention also includes ...

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Software is licensed for use on a particular computing device, such as a gaming console or a multimedia console. An unlocking code is provided from a distribution service to the computing device (either directly or via a user), which in turn, unlocks the appropriate software or portion of software f ...

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A system and method for automatically determining if a computer user is a human or an automated script. Human interactive proofs (HIPs) are currently used to deter automated registration for web services by automated computer scripts. Unfortunately, HIPs entail multiple steps (request service, recei ...

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Transmitter and receiver computing device are interconnected by a network. The transmitter transmits protected digital content to the receiver in a manner so that the receiver can access the content even though the content is directly licensed to the transmitter and not the receiver.

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Single-use character combinations are a secure mechanism for user authentication. Such “one-time passwords” (OTPs) can be generated by a mobile device to which the user otherwise maintains easy access. A key exchange, such as in accordance with the Diffie-Hellman algorithm, can provide both the mobi ...