Joseph R Woolslayer, Cecil Jenkins, John C Brittain: Automated pipe racking apparatus. Lee C Moore Corporation, Alan T McCollom, February 16, 1988: US04725179 (120 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for use to facilitate threading and unthreading substantially vertical lengths of pipe on a drilling rig by moving the pipe between the well bore center line and a racking assembly. An arm having a gripping head mounted thereon is extendable and retractable relative to a carriage mounted o ...

John C Brittain, Cecil Jenkins, William P Adelman, Joseph R Woolslayer: Pipe moving apparatus and method. Lee C Moore Corporation, Laney Dougherty Hessin & Beavers, May 30, 1989: US04834604 (70 worldwide citation)

Machine for moving casing or pipe from a horizontal position adjacent a well to a vertical position over the well bore. The machine includes a boom movable between a lowered position and a raised position by a hydraulic ram. A strongback grips the pipe and holds the same until the pipe is vertically ...

Cecil Jenkins, Joseph R Woolslayer: Oil well drilling rig mover. Lee C Moore Corporation, Brown Flick & Peckham, March 8, 1983: US04375892 (25 worldwide citation)

An oil well drilling rig mover is formed from a pair of laterally spaced dollies detachably connected by braces between them. Each of the dollies includes a beam for resting on a support, and a pair of laterally spaced wheels at each end of the beam. An arm extends outwardly from the outer end of a ...

Joseph R Woolslayer, Rod Duncan: Automated pipe racking process and apparatus. Woolslayer Companies, Head Johnson & Kachigian, November 23, 2004: US06821071 (24 worldwide citation)

An automated pipe racking apparatus for a drilling rig having an elevator suspended over a well bore. An arm support member is rotatable about an axis parallel to the well bore. A gripper arm extends from the arm support member along an axis normal to the axis of rotation of the arm support member. ...

Joseph R Woolslayer: Method of moving a drilling rig long and short distances. Lee C Moore Corporation, Brown Flick & Peckham, April 13, 1982: US04324077 (15 worldwide citation)

A line of detachably connected skid frames is laid down at a first drilling position for supporting an oil well drilling rig having a base seated on the frames with some of them extending away from opposite ends of the base. After the well has been completed, the rig is skidded along the line of fra ...

Joseph R Woolslayer, Cecil Jenkins, Lester E Hilfiger: Pipe rack with pivoted fingers and screw conveyors. Lee C Moore Corporation, Brown Murray Flick & Peckham, October 19, 1976: US03986618 (13 worldwide citation)

A plurality of vertically spaced rows of longitudinally inclined fingers spaced laterally in each row are pivotally supported on transverse horizontal axes near one end. The fingers slope upwardly from the supporting means and also project in the opposite direction from said axes. Vertically movable ...

Joseph R Woolslayer: Apparatus and method for moving track guided equipment to and from a track. Woolslayer Companies, Dougherty Hessin Beavers & Gilbert, May 18, 1993: US05211251 (8 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and method for moving the top drive of a top drive subterranean drilling system from the drilling track extending along the length of the derrick includes a movable working track, a secondary track pivotably connected to the working track, and a power assembly. The working track is connect ...

Joseph R Woolslayer: Infinitely variable crown block positioning. Lee C Moore Corporation, Carothers & Carothers, June 28, 1983: US04390162 (5 worldwide citation)

Mounted in the upper part of an oil well drilling derrick are horizontal crown beams having end portions projecting beyond the opposite sides of the derrick. A fast line sheave and a dead line sheave are mounted on those beams near the opposite sides of the derrick, and a crown block is mounted on t ...



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