Joseph R Wilder, Franklin G Reick: Medical instrument and light pipe illumination assembly. Michael Ebert, January 7, 1986: US04562832 (332 worldwide citation)

A disposable medical instrument and light pipe illumination assembly fabricated of synthetic plastic material. When put to use, the instrument, such as a surgical retractor, assumes a position at which its operative section lies adjacent the field of medical interest, such as a body cavity or surgic ...

Joseph R Wilder, Franklin G Reick: Surgical clip-on light pipe illumination assembly. Michael Ebert, August 12, 1986: US04605990 (80 worldwide citation)

A disposable surgical clip-on light pipe illumination assembly constituted by a manually-operated clamp adapted to clip onto an abdominal or other tissue wall surrouding a surgical site. The clamp is provided with a holder to retain a short, flexible light pipe at a position at which the front secti ...

Joseph R Wilder, Franklin G Reick: Medical tubing holder. Michael Ebert, August 19, 1986: US04606735 (63 worldwide citation)

A detachable holder for immobilizing a flexible tubing at a site adjacent its point of connection to a medical device inserted in a patient to feed a therapeutic fluid into a vein or artery or to withdraw fluid from the patient. The holder is formed by a flexible plastic strip having upstanding end ...

Joseph R Wilder, Maurice S Kanbar, Cynthia K Wilder: Alarm system for intravenous infusion procedure. March 9, 1976: US03942526 (42 worldwide citation)

An alarm system operative in conjunction with a venocylsis set which includes a drop chamber coupled to the output of a fluid bottle. The alarm system is provided with a float disposed in the drop chamber and responsive to the level of fluid pool therein. A proximity switch sensitive to the float po ...

Joseph R Wilder: Leg elevating assembly. Michael Ebert, May 18, 1976: US03957041 (13 worldwide citation)

An assembly for maintaining the leg of a patient lying on a table at an elevated position thereabove to facilitate examination or treatment of the leg. The assembly is constituted by a stand having a hooked head at a height well above the table surface, and a sling formed by a loosely woven, open me ...

Joseph R Wilder, Franklin G Reick, Frederick R Picut: Surgical evacuator. Michael Ebert, March 22, 1983: US04377166

A manually-operated surgical evacuator for draining fluids from the human body. The evacuator is constituted by a cup of rigid material covered by an elastic membrane to define a sump chamber, the cup being provided with an inlet fixture and an exhaust fixture communicating with the chamber. The inl ...