Joseph P Rutherford: Agricultural inoculant composition. Morton J Rosenberg, June 29, 1982: US04337077 (21 worldwide citation)

An agricultural inoculant composition used as a seed, plant, foilar spray, field spray, and compost inoculant. The agricultural inoculant composition includes both a peat humus base composition having predetermined quantities of peat moss, leather meal, granite meal, Calcium Phosphate, tobacco meal, ...

Joseph P Rutherford: Foliar growth promoting mixture. Morton J Rosenberg, May 17, 1983: US04383845 (11 worldwide citation)

A foliar growth promoting mixture for increasing crop yield as well as protein content within plants. The foliar growth promoting mixture includes a liquid seaweed base composition which forms approximately 50.0% by weight of the foliar growth promoting mixture. To the liquid seaweed base compositio ...