Joseph P Francini, Einar L Asbo, Vincent Boston: Transaction card with magnetic stripe emulator. Visa International Service Association, Limbach Limbach & Sutton, October 20, 1987: US04701601 (497 worldwide citation)

A transaction card is disclosed having a magnetic stripe emulator. The transaction card is adapted for use with presently available transaction terminals that include a sensor for reading a magnetic stripe. The subject card includes a transducer for generating a varying magnetic field corresponding ...

Joseph P Francini: Multi-mode file storage calculator. Phillips Moore Weissenberger Lempio & Majestic, March 21, 1978: US04080659 (21 worldwide citation)

A multi-mode calculator apparatus is provided including microprocessor means controlled by a control program contained in read only memory means, random access memory means, a keyboard unit, mode selection means and a display unit. In one mode, the calculator apparatus provides for selectively stori ...