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An exposed layer in an electrophotographic imaging member is provided with increased resistance to stress cracking and reduced coefficient of surface friction, without adverse effects on optical clarity and electrical performance. The layer contains a polydimethylsiloxane copolymer and an inactive f ...

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A carrier comprised of a core with a coating thereover comprised of at least one polymer resin and wherein the outer surface of the coated carrier is fibrillated.

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Distortion-free method of mounting an end piece member on a thin-walled hollow tube member, particularly in the assembly of photoreceptor drums and the like, includes the steps of supporting an expandable end piece member within the chamber of an air centering device with its central axis aligned ve ...

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A coated toner transport roll containing a core with a coating thereover of transporting molecules dispersed in a binder and an oxidizing agent selected from the group consisting of ferric chloride and trifluoroacetic acid. These oxidizing agents can be selected in an amount of from about 1 to about ...