Joseph Lester Stuhl: Apparatus for irradiating the skin. Kenyon & Kenyon, October 19, 1976: US03986513 (31 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for treating the skin of a patient by irradiating the patient with a light or heat source, particularly in the treatment of psoriasis, comprising:

Howard McKinzie, Mark S Wrighton, Joseph Lester: Photoelectrochemical energy storage system. GTE Laboratories Incorporated, David M Keay, December 5, 1978: US04128704 (17 worldwide citation)

A photochemical energy storage system includes at least one electrolytic solution containing a reduction-oxidation couple, one species of which can be stored in a second phase. The device includes a charging system and an energy delivery system. The charging system includes an n-or p-type photosensi ...

Joseph Lester: Two-stage flush device for a toilet water tank. Richard L Huff, May 14, 2002: US06385786 (8 worldwide citation)

Water-saving device for flush toilets comprises a bracket which can be mounted on the exterior of a toilet water tank directly behind the flush handle on the front wall of the water tank. The device comprises a bracket body, having a lever pivotally secured thereto, one end of the pivot lever has a ...

Herzl Robert Dov, Lauricella Kenneth Anthony, Quinn Linda Legault, Schroter David Andrew, Steel Allan Rowe, Temple Iii Joseph Lester: Processor system with improved memory transfer means.. Ibm, March 11, 1992: EP0474450-A2 (5 worldwide citation)

This disclosure describes an efficient method of moving data from one location in memory to another without caching the data. This includes data transfers from one main storage location to another, transfers between main and expanded storage, and transfers from one expanded storage location to anoth ...

Celtruda Joseph Orazio, Hua Kien Anh, Hunt Anderson Herrick, Liu Lishing, Peir Jih Kwon, Pruett David Raymond, Temple Iii Joseph Lester: Translation look ahead based cache access.. Ibm, April 24, 1991: EP0424163-A2 (4 worldwide citation)

This invention implements a cache access system that shortens the address generation machine cycle of a digital computer, while simultaneously avoiding the synonym problem of logical addressing. The invention is based on the concept of predicting what the real address used in the cache memory will b ...

Greene Ernest Wilfrid, Duke James Benjamin, Hunter Joseph Lester: Improved froth flotation method. Minerals & Chem Philipp, July 18, 1962: GB901515-A (1 worldwide citation)

A very finely-divided multicomponent mineral mass is beneficiated by a method which includes the steps of forming an aqueous pulp of the mass in which at least one of its components is selectively oiled and which contains in intimate association with the mass collector-coated auxiliary mineral parti ...

Donald Cox, Ken McGuire, Scott Stanley, Lee Arent, Andrew Rapach, Jun You, Marc Bourgeois, Joseph Lester, Kory Gunnerson: Flexible containers having flexible valves. The Procter & Gamble Company, Charles R Ware, Jeffrey V Bamber, July 4, 2017: US09694965

Non-durable self-supporting flexible containers having product volumes and structural support volumes are provided with a valve mechanism to facilitate dispensing fluid product from the product support volume. One or more tension-inducing elements may be used to provide the valves with the ability t ...

Suresh Kalyanasundaram, Balamurali Natarajan, Joseph Lester: Methods and apparatus for communication scheduling. Nokia Solutions and Networks Oy, Harrington & Smith, June 28, 2016: US09380595

Systems and techniques for discontinuous reception management for user devices communicating using carrier aggregation. Information relating to discontinuous reception for a user device is received and used to determine discontinuous reception states of the user device. The information relating to d ...


Curran Brian William, D Onofrio Joseph Michael, Fuqua Richard Nickels, Herzl Robert Dov, Milich Louis James, Moore Paul Milton, Temple Joseph Lester Iii: Multiprocessor systems with cross-interrogated store-in-caches.. Ibm, January 24, 1990: EP0351955-A2

An improved multiprocessor system of the type including a plurality of processors and an array of memories interconnected by an interrogation logic where the processors have a store-in cache is presented. In such processors the most recent copy of the data does not always reside in the memories but ...

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