Ronald A Mitsch, Joseph La Mar Zollinger: Polyurethanes containing poly(perfluoroalkylene oxides) units. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Alexander Sell Steldt & DeLaHunt, August 3, 1976: US03972856 (30 worldwide citation)

Low temperature flexible fluorine-containing, elastomeric polyurethane containing poly(perfluoroalkylene oxide) units, --CF.sub.2 O--(CF.sub.2 CF.sub.2 O).sub.m (CF.sub.2 O).sub.n --CF.sub.2 --, are prepared, for example, by reacting hydroxy-terminated poly(perfluoroalkylene oxide) with polyisocyana ...

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1. Fluorinated compounds of the group consisting of compounds having the formula wherein n is a number of the group 0 and 1 and R is an atom of the group hydrogen and fluorine, all R's being identical in any one compound. 6 Claims, No Drawings