Joseph J Mancusi Jr: Electrically enhanced artificial tree. Joseph B Taphorn, August 8, 1989: US04855880 (51 worldwide citation)

An electrically illuminated artificial Christmas tree, eliminating the need for a transformer while providing all of the advantages of low voltage distribution and isolated light failure, connects groups of seed lights in parallel across sets of two wires which are respectively connected in series t ...

Joseph J Mancusi Jr: Aerated soapholder. November 11, 1986: US04621730 (12 worldwide citation)

An aerated soapholder, embodying principles of tangential contact and all around spacing, has raised ridges on its floor which merge into ridges projecting forwardly from the back wall. The ridges have convex surfaces. The sides of the soapholder flare out from the back wall at angles of greater tha ...

Joseph J Mancusi Jr: Merry-go-round. July 13, 1976: US03968961 (3 worldwide citation)

A compact and easily assembled merry-go-round consists of a turntable supported at its periphery upon spaced inverted casters mounted on a frame bearing, on its underside and in verticle alinement with said casters, leveling devices. The turntable is fixed at its center to a vertical driven shaft ro ...