Joseph F Rando, Jeffrey M Novak: Scanner with coupon validation. Spectra Physics, Thomas M Freiburger, July 7, 1992: US05128520 (131 worldwide citation)

A point of sale (POS) bar code scanner such as in common use in retail stores includes provision for reading bar coded redemption coupons (or other bar coded documents redeemable for value) in a manner secure from a human operator. Integration of functions between the POS scanner and the coupon read ...

Alexander M McQueen, Craig D Cherry, Joseph F Rando, Matt D Schler, David L Latimer, Steven A McMahon, Randy J Turkal, Brad R Reddersen: Object recognition system and method. PSC Scanning, Lyon & Lyon, May 30, 2000: US06069696 (108 worldwide citation)

An object recognition system comprises a sensing apparatus for collecting light reflected from objects presented at a point-of-sale machine. The sensing apparatus includes a mechanism, such as a holographic disk or diffraction grating, for separating the color components of the light reflected from ...

Joseph F Rando: Multiple window scanner and method for multiple focal distance reading. Spectra Physics Scanning Systems, Lyon & Lyon, February 9, 1999: US05869827 (104 worldwide citation)

A multiple window data reading device and method for reading symbols such as bar codes through each window, data reading being focused to different focal distances in the scan volume with sensors provided to control focal distance setting from each of the windows.

Joseph F Rando, H Nicks Roberts: Automatic package label scanner. Spectra Physics, Donald C Feix, Paul Davis, Thomas M Freiburger, July 3, 1990: US04939355 (100 worldwide citation)

A point of sale bar code scanner, such as a grocery store check-out label scanner, that is attendant-free and completely automated in providing a listing or a total pricing of a customer's selected items. At each automated check-out, the customer initiates the process, places items on a conveyor, wh ...

Joseph F Rando, Michael E Kahn, Thomas E Heumann, Scott S Luebbers: System for controlling attitude of laser beam plane. Spectra Physics, Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, December 13, 1977: US04062634 (91 worldwide citation)

A system is disclosed for controlling the plane of a laser beam in either horizontal, vertical or selected grade angle attitudes. The system includes an assembly comprising a housing which carries the operative components in a water-tight enclosure. The laser beam is generated by a laser tube carrie ...

Joseph F Rando: Creation of three dimensional objects. Spectra Physics, Donald C Feix, Paul Davis, Thomas M Freiburger, April 10, 1990: US04915757 (77 worldwide citation)

Three dimensional objects or models, such as three dimensional images or shapes stored in a computer, are generated as real models by addition of material to a base, such as with photo-hardenable liquid, or by removal of material from an initially oversized mass. Optical feedback is employed to mono ...

Joseph F Rando: Laser beam level instrument. Spectra Physics, Donald C Feix, September 9, 1980: US04221483 (76 worldwide citation)

A lightweight, portable laser beam level instrument has an optical path which includes a solid state light source; a pendulous, positive lens; a rotatable pentaprism or mirror equivalent; and a glass plate which is tilted to provide fine tuning. The level instrument also includes a damping mechanism ...

Joseph F Rando, Christiaan Ligtenberg: Automatic level and plumb tool. LeveLite Technology, Thomas M Freiburger, October 24, 1995: US05459932 (71 worldwide citation)

An automatic plumb, level and pointing tool uses a visible laser diode to project light beams in two modes through two windows. In the first mode of operation, the unit is able to project a plumb-up beam and a level beam of light while resting on a surface which is as much as five degrees out of lev ...

Joseph F Rando: Automatic plumb and level tool. Spectra Physics, Thomas M Freiburger, December 31, 1991: US05075977 (71 worldwide citation)

An automatic plumb, level and pointing tool uses a visible laser diode to project a beam in any of three different modes through a beam exit window. The tool, approximately the size and shape of a tape measure, can be placed on one edge to project a tilt-compensated vertical beam. Placed on another ...

Joseph F Rando, Ilya M Fishman: Temperature operated gas valve. Spectra Physics, Donald C Feix, Paul Davis, Thomas M Freiburger, August 21, 1990: US04949742 (70 worldwide citation)

A gas valve which is particularly useful in a laser gas fill system requiring repeated fillings includes a conduit positioned between high and low pressure gas regions. Within the conduit is a restriction, and this restriction is closed by a meltable solid material. When the valve is to be opened, h ...

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