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A storing and dispensing system for a product packed in a sealed pouch. The dispensing system includes a container of rigid material having a dispensing opening covered by a lid. The container is sufficiently air-tight in its closed condition to prevent free exchange of air between ambient and the i ...

Joseph F Deflander: Easy-open laminated container with optional reclosing means and method of making. The Procter & Gamble Company, John J Ryberg, John V Gorman, Richard C Witte, January 7, 1986: US04562936 (23 worldwide citation)

An easy-open container having top and bottom end panels and a body portion, all of laminate construction comprised of an outer layer of stiff material, an intermediate layer of substantially gas-impermeable material, and a continuously sealed thermoplastic inner layer. The container's top end panel ...

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A cap for a container having a body and a closure. The body has a side wall and an adjoining top. The Side wall has means to let gases escape from the container to ambient. The top has an interior and at least one recess on the interior. The body further has a a line juxtaposed to the interior of th ...

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A container of thermoplastic material having a label which substantially covers the visible outer surface of the body of the container. The container is made either as a single layer or multi-layer extrusion. The layer of the container which is visible from the outside is made from 10% to 100% recyc ...