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A drive mechanism for an endoscopic surgical instrument which has a rotatable drive shaft and a mechanism for translating the rotational force of the shaft for applying fasteners to tissue during endoscopic surgery.

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A linear surgical stapler having clamping and firing triggers pivotally mounted to the frame of the instrument for pivotal rotation toward a hand grip is disclosed. The clamping trigger is positioned between the firing trigger and the hand grip. Each of the triggers are pivotally mounted to pivot pi ...

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A surgical stapling device. Stapling device may comprise an end effector and a plurality of stacked actuatable wedge band sets. Each stacked wedge band set comprises at least two different-level wedge bands for axially traversing the end effector. Each wedge band comprises a wedge cam at its distal ...

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A surgical instrument particularly suited to endoscopic use articulates an end effector by including a laterally sliding member in a proximal portion of a shaft that pivots the end effector to a selected side. Differentially opposing actuating forces (e.g., hydraulic, fluidic, mechanical) act agains ...

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A surgical stapler for effecting simultaneous cutting and stapling of tissue includes a frame and a staple cartridge positionable in the frame. The stapler includes a knife blade mounted for movement distally of the staple cartridge, the knife blade having a retraction lock feature including a locki ...

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A staple cartridge for use with a surgical stapling device. The stapling device has an actuator that is selectively actuatable in an axial direction and an anvil that is moveable between open and closed positions. The staple cartridge comprises a plurality of staples and a first plurality of staple ...

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An improved surgical stapling instrument is provided for applying surgical staples to human tissue. The instrument has an articulated stapling head assembly mounted by a rotatable and flexible support shaft on an actuator handle assembly with an improved actuator mechanism for closing and firing the ...

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A surgical instrument can comprise a channel configured to support a staple cartridge and, in addition, an anvil pivotable between open and closed positions relative to the channel. The surgical instrument can further comprise a cutting member configured to incise tissue positioned captured between ...

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A surgical stapling device that comprises an end effector. According to various embodiments, the end effector comprises a circular anvil having a staple forming surface and a plurality of staples facing the staple forming surface of the anvil. The end effector also comprises a staple driver assembly ...

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In various embodiments, an assembly of a surgical instrument is disclosed. The assembly includes a housing, a cutting member relatively movable with respect to the housing, and an agent cartridge connected to the housing. The agent cartridge houses a medical agent. The assembly is configured to deli ...