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Battery packaging construction for multiple cell alkali metal batteries wherein a plurality of flat or cubic battery cells, which have leads extending therefrom, are individually packaged by using layers of heat sealed or adhesively sealed plastic tape. The cells after assembly are stacked and the l ...

Joseph B Kejha: Smart circuit board for multicell battery protection. September 22, 1998: US05811959 (28 worldwide citation)

An interface circuit device for safe and efficient charging and/or discharging of any multicelled battery or pack of batteries. The device includes circuitry for protection of said battery or pack of batteries from overcharge, overdischarge and overheating during charge or discharge. The cells of th ...

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Rolled single cell and bi-cell electrochemical devices and method of manufacturing, wherein the anode, cathode and composite electrolyte layers are separately fed and simultaneously rolled while the composite polymer electrolyte layer is wet or semi-solid, and may be possibly solidified later.

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Composite layered solid or semi-solid state polymeric electrolytes which contain at least a first layer which is a tough, mechanically strong adhesive layer which is non-reactive with alkali metal and preferably polyalkylene oxide based such as PEO, which is applied to an anode, and a second layer a ...

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A lightweight, filler core tire construction for automobiles and other vehicles, having a flexible composite outer layer structure and a flexible honeycomb core bonded to said outer layer, eliminating pressurized air from the tire and increasing thus the safety of driving and the damage resistance a ...

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A solid state polymer electrolyte composite which is formed by coating an inert electrically insulating ribbon or sheet of expanded or perforated plastic film with a liquid, ion-conductive polymer, and curing the polymer to form a solid state or semi-solid state electrolyte composite.

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Lightweight composite polymeric electrolytes which contain a lightweight inorganic filler, such as oxides of lithium, magnesium and sodium and which is formed by complexing an alkaline metal triflate salt, polyethylene oxide and fillers, with at least one ester, and an ether, or plurality of ethers ...

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A very high gravimetric energy and power density hydrogen ion based rechargeable battery, which stores hydrogen and oxygen in lightweight porous carbon electrodes with metalized current collectors, and which are separated by ionically permeable polymeric membranes containing a liquid electrolyte. Th ...

Joseph B Kejha: Hydrogen-electric hybrid vehicle construction. Electrion, May 2, 2006: US07036616 (11 worldwide citation)

An electric vehicle which carries at least two passengers, which has at least three wheels, said passengers sitting in tandem and most of the batteries or fuel cell systems are located on the sides of the passengers. The vehicle has an aerodynamically shaped body with substantially reduced frontal a ...

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Solid state polymer alloy electrolytes for electrochemical devices which contain mixtures of polyethylene oxide and polyvinyldienefluoride, or polyethylene oxide and polyvinyldienefluoride/hexafluoropropylene with aprotic solvents and salts, in which solidification occurs by cooling and full or part ...